3Rs in schools

Why animal testing? What are the alternatives? What does 3R mean? On this page, schools can find material about the 3Rs and how to discuss issues like animal welfare and animal testing.

Video "Ricerca e animali, percé" (IT, with subtitles EN)

In this short video (1:37 min), Tommaso Virgilio from the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) in Bellinzona explains why animal testing is still needed today.

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Film "Introducing the 3Rs to young minds" (English)
This film (length: 13 min) is about a school class in Lausanne, which exchanges ideas with experts in the field of the 3Rs.

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Tierversuche verstehen (German)
This site includes material to discuss the topic of animal testing in a fact-based way in schools.

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Tierschutz macht Schule (German/English)
This site offers teaching material, training, courses and a knowledge database for professional animal welfare teaching.

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Biotech Learning Center (German/French)
Students and teachers can find information and examples from the field of modern biological and medical research. The text content is designed to be used for lectures or as background information for teachers.

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Zürcher Tierschutz (German)
Animal shelter tours, workshops, teaching materials etc.

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European Schoolnet (English)
The offer includes further education for teachers and school classes.

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