NRP 79 on 3R in animal experiments: 23 projects selected

The evaluation panel of NRP 79 has made a final selection of 23 research projects.

At a meeting in October 2021, the NRP 79 evaluation panel invited 34 proposals (out of 134 project outlines submitted) for the second evaluation phase.

Now, at a second selection meeting, the evaluation panel selected 23 projects from these 34 proposals: 15 projects will focus mainly on innovation, 3 projects on implementation and 5 projects on ethics and society (a second call for proposals will take place for the latter). The budget of the 23 selected projects totals CHF 14.9 million. The SNSF Research Council has now ratified the selection of the evaluation panel.

All 34 projects were comprehensively reviewed, on the one hand with the help of at least two external reviewers and on the other hand by two members of the NRP 79 evaluation panel. Not only was the scientific quality assessed, but also other aspects such as implementability and interdisciplinarity.

With the selection of these projects, the research phase of NRP 79 can now start. The kick-off meeting, at which all research groups will exchange for the first time, will take place in autumn 2022.

List of selected projects (PDF)