NRP 79 on 3R in animal experiments: launch of second call for proposals. Deadline for submission of applications: 29 September 2022

NRP 79: The second call for proposals is looking for projects that specifically focus on the humanities and social sciences (HSS).

Following the first call for proposals, 34 project outlines were shortlisted, but only few of them had a special focus on HSS. However, the Steering Committee believes that there are relevant gaps regarding the topics covered in Module 3 (Ethics and society) and has therefore decided to use the remaining funds in this module to support additional HSS projects. The call documents are now available.

Deadline for submission of applications: 29 September 2022

An amount of CHF 2 million is available for the second call for proposals. This will be used to fund about eight further projects. Interested researchers can submit applications until 29 September 2022.

As societal issues are the focus of Module 3, projects that address and involve the population and relevant stakeholders are particularly welcome. Research outputs sought are not only traditional outcomes, but also non-traditional outputs such as building and promoting dialogue with the public and public outreach.

No further funding is available for projects under Module 1 (Innovation) and Module 2 (Implementation).

Second call for proposals (PDF)