People - «reliable, research-oriented, rigorous»

Prof. Thorsten Buch
© Thorsten Buch

Presenting our members of the steering committee: Prof. Thorsten Buch, Institut für Labortierkunde, Universität Zurich

Please describe yourself using 3 words that start with an R?

  • Reliable
  • Research-oriented
  • Rigorous

What motivated you to participate in the NRP 79 Steering Committee?

I am deeply committed to advancing the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) in animal research. My passion for scientific discovery is coupled with a strong belief in ethical practices. Animal models have played a crucial role in medical progress, but we must strive for better, more animal-friendly methodologies. The 3Rs framework offers a path to achieve robust scientific outcomes while minimizing animal use. I am motivated by the potential to develop reliable alternatives, reduce the number of animals needed in studies, and refine methodologies to minimize animal suffering. The NRP79 program represents a significant step towards this goal. By fostering and supporting innovation and collaboration, we can ensure that animal research remains essential for scientific advancement while aligning with the highest ethical standards.

In your opinion, which alternatives to animal experiments are currently the most promising in Switzerland?

3D organ-on-a-chip (OoC) technologies are a highly promising alternative to certain animal experiments here in Switzerland. These microfluidic devices mimic human organs and tissues, allowing for more relevant drug testing compared to traditional animal models. The ability to precisely control the cellular environment within OoCs holds immense potential for personalized medicine applications. Swiss researchers are making significant contributions to this field, and the NRP79 program further strengthens this exciting area of research.

Main fields of expertise:

  • Genetics
  • Laboratory Animal Science
  • Breeding optimization
  • Immunology