People – «reasoning, ramifying, running»

Prof. Anna Olsson
© Anna Olsson

Presenting the members of our steering committee: Prof. Anna Olsson, i3S – Institute for Research and Innovation in Health, University of Porto, Portugal

Please describe yourself using 3 words that start with an R?

  • Reasoning
  • Ramifying
  • Running

What motivated you to participate in the NRP 79 Steering Committee?

How could I resist the opportunity to be in an exciting international network of scholars around an issue that is so central to my own research interests!? This was really my main initial motivation, but obviously as the programme has moved forward the direct contact with all the interesting research that the programme funds has become equally motivating. I’m excited to see how much NRP79 funded research is expanding our knowledge and insights, in my case especially about ethics, regulation and policy making around animal research and the 3Rs.

In your opinion, which alternatives to animal experiments are currently the most promising in Switzerland?

Among researchers in my institution and networks, we see a lot of interest in organoid, 3D cell culture and organ-on-a-chip models. We have a strong tradition in bioengineering and these are all models that build on bioengineering knowledge and methods. But above all, what I find really promising is the engagement of especially young researchers with the question of how to partially replace animals in the research process.

Main fields of expertise:

  • animal welfare science
  • applied ethology
  • animal research ethics
  • 3Rs teaching